Posted in May 2012

DMC Luncheon

We’ll see you all, Monday (6/4) @ noon, at our final DMC luncheon get together of this school year! Advertisements

Google Search Education

Google Search Education

If you haven’t already, you should take a peek at the new Google Search Education!

This passage resonated with me, in the video from time-stamp 2:06;

“The new digital divide is that those who are able to search, and those that aren’t able to search. It’s about critical thinking skills, it’s about being independent learners, and we need to make sure we cultivate these skills within our students so that when they go out into the world … they will know how to search and be able to be critical thinkers.”

Is this another side to the digital native/immigrant or digital resident/visitor discussion (argument)? Is it about the ability to find appropriate resources or not, rather than the technical nature of the individual’s background? What do you think?

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Technology Class registration

Hooray John!  Thank you for building us a blog! We will be talking about our technology class registration procedure at our next TRIO meeting.  We have been told that we need to use On Track from now on out!  

Our Job

I saw this on my Twitter feed today.  Sounds like a good mission statement.


I’m excited to start a department blog where we can share our thoughts, insights, findings, and general musings about educational technology and library media!  I (John) feel so grateful to be a part of this talented group (Leslie, Linda, & Jeanene) and appreciate our fearless leader (Julie)!